Purchasing your Art

    My work is available in several sizes depending on the file size and pixel configuration of the original image, so feel free to ask if you have a specific size in mind and I will do everything I can to accommodate your request. Additionally, I offer several different fine art print mediums including fine art paper (giclee) prints, canvas, metal, wood, acrylics and various other substrates. All my pieces are provided on the finest materials available in the industry and printed by the world's premier art printers. I do not offer poster prints. I do not laminate my prints or use any process that could degrade the art in any way. All materials are archival in nature and given the proper display conditions will last for many years to come. Prices are individually quoted based on the client's choice of size and materials. If you have questions of any kind please feel free to email me at rahurst1947@hotmail.com and I will be happy to discuss any of my art including quotes on your selection and details of the materials you select.

Digital Borders

     I do not offer framing services and understand that framing a fine art piece can be very expensive so for those interested I can provide digital borders to any piece that a client intends to frame. This process can eliminate the traditional matting of a piece thus reducing the cost. This is a totally personal choice and mentioned here for the purpose of providing an alternative to paper matting. I should mention here that many art collectors are no longer framing in the traditional sense opting instead to mount their work on various backing materials that, depending on the size of the work, provide a sturdy, long lasting artwork with the hanging system already attached to the piece.

Artist Comment

     Art is a very personal thing and the gamut of work and styles are almost endless. Everyday artists are creating new and exciting works using extraordinary new methods and mediums displaying their visions to the world. If you are a lover of art then you have your own personal visions, likes, dislikes and the controversies and conversations stimulated by art brings us all a richer view of our own humanity.